Adrenaline Adventures

Adrenaline Adventures

Cairns is the adventure capital of Australia!

If you feel the urge to push your holiday adventure spirit to the limit, then there is definitely something in Cairns for you.

Ride the thrills and spills of the white water rapids, skydive from 8,000 feet, or hurl yourself off a 44 foot bungy tower.

We promise to satisfy every thrillseekers appetite.

White Water Rafting

For a wet and wild day of white water action, be guided down 1 of 3 rivers easily accessible from Cairns.

The rivers are graded by their level of difficulty, with grade 1 being the simplest rapids and grade 6 the hardest. Commercial rafting trips usually only go up to grade 4.

All trips start with a brief introduction at the top of the rivers to enlighten you on your required participation levels and what to do in the inevitable event of you going overboard. You will be taught some rafting skills to enable you to be hands-on with any maneuvering and tactics required to get you safely down the river.

No experience is necessary for any of the rafting trips.

Minimum age for all rafting is 13 years.

Tully River – For Thrillseekers

Probably the most well-known of the 3 rivers, and guaranteed fast pumping water all year round. The Tully River flows through unspoilt rainforest, and with more than 45 rapids up to grade 4, this is an intensive, adrenalin-packed 5 hours of rafting. In the wet season, December to March, this river is especially fast and furious.

The Tully River is a two and a half hour bus journey from Cairns, which means you are in for an early 6.30am start, returning to your accommodation at around 6.30pm. It’s a big day, not for the faint-hearted.

As there are 2 rafting companies operating on the Tully, there can be a lot of rafts on busy days, leading to some delays in running the rapids. But, rest assured that the scenery more than compensates for any delays.

Russell River – For Nature Lovers

The Russell River is approximately 1 hour south of Cairns, making it the closest 1 day rafting trip available in the area.

Your day starts at a leisurely 9.30am, and you return to your accommodation at around 5.30pm.

After an energy-crammed early lunch, you are led on a 35 minute guided walk through the rainforest, which leads you to the river.

The river flow is governed by the amount of rainfall, which in the wet season (December to March) offers fast flowing rapids up to grade 4. Along the way, your guides will take you to a magical waterfall and fill your imagination with ancient aboriginal love stories. As the rafting continues, so does the intensity of the rapids, and the thrills and spills never seem to end as you wind your way through the picturesque scenery.

Due to the environmental sensitivity of this river, only 20 passengers maximum are allowed at any one time. There is no long wait for other groups.

Barron River – For Beginners

The Barron River is a half-day rafting adventure, and is excellent for those who may need a gentler introduction into the wild world of white water.

The river is only a half hour from Cairns, and water released daily from the dam ensures good water levels with rapids up to a moderate grade 3.

This river is also ideal for anyone on a tight time schedule, with trips departing morning and afternoon on most days.

All Trips Include:
- Transfers
- 5 hours rafting – Tully River; 3 hours rafting – Russell River; 2 hours rafting – Barron River
- Lunch
- Morning / afternoon tea (day trips)
- All rafting and safety equipment
- Experienced guides and all necessary tuition

Optional Extras:

- Photos
- Videos

What To Take:
- Dry change of clothes
- Lace-up shoes
- Sunscreen
- Swimsuit
- Money for drinks, photos, etc
- No jewellery, loose change, or other valuable belonging


For a mind-blowing, adrenalin-charged thrill, take the plunge from high above the clouds and enjoy the experience of a lifetime with a tandem skydive.

After pick-up from your accommodation, you will undergo a brief training session, and then it’s off to the airport for a 20 minute flight over Cairns and the surrounding districts. THERE IS NO TURNING BACK NOW!!

Strapped firmly to your trusted tandem master, you will be hurled kicking and screaming from the plane, from heights between 8,000 and 14,000 feet, free-falling through clouds and opening up to a spectacular view of Cairns. When the chute opens, sit back and relax and enjoy the ride down as you glide gently to the drop-zone for a smooth and safe landing.

Minimum age – 14 years. Parental consent required if under 18 years

- Transfers
- Personalised training and professional instruction
- Photo certificate
- 20 minute flight
- Up to 1 minute freefall
- Up to 5 minutes parachute time
- Student parachute licenses
- Australian Parachute Federation Membership

Optional Extras:
- Video

What To Take:
- No loose jewellery, money, etc
- Strap-on shoes – no loose sandals or flip-flops

Bungy Jumping

Recommended for those with a passion for defying gravity. You can bungy jump in the rainforest only 10 minutes north of Cairns. Try something off the jump menu; Elevator, The Haggis, Fruitbat, Cling on, Cliffhanger, Tandem Pendulum, Hog-tie, the list goes on.

For something a little different, try the Minjin jungle swing. Strapped into a handgliding harness and suspended from stainless steel cables, you will soar through the jungle at speeds up to 140kph. One, two or three people at a time can face the challenge of the Minjin. Legend has it that anyone who enjoys the experience of the Minjin will live a charmed life!

- Transfers
- All equipment and instruction

Optional Extras:
- Videos and photos

Hot Air Ballooning

Enjoy the great blue yonder at a more leisurely pace with a sunrise balloon flight on the Atherton Tablelands.

You will float quietly into the crisp morning air and watch as panoramic views open out below you. You will see the great Australian landscape like you’ve never seen it before. And the best news is, there is a chicken and champagne breakfast waiting for you on your return.

- Transfers
- Tropical chicken and champagne breakfast
- Informative commentary
- Flight certificate
- Admission to Mareeba Heritage Museum

What To Take:
- Outdoor clothes: eg. jeans, cotton shirt, sturdy shoes, sunglasses, hat
- Winter mornings on the Tablelands are cold! Please bring a sweatshirt or a jacket during May to September

Mountain Biking

It’s sweaty, it’s dirty, it’s wet and it’s sometimes hard work, but it could just be your best experience in Tropical North Queensland.

There are numerous mountain biking options available, ranging in difficulty from easy to moderate to extreme. Half day, full day and night rides are all available and multiple day rides can be arranged.

If you want to work off the unwanted holiday calories and get close to nature, then this could be just the thing for you. The various trips available take in some of the best sights in the area, from the Mulgrave Valley to the Atherton Tablelands to Cape Tribulation.

Includes: - Transfers - Food - Informative guide, moral support and first aid - Training – off road experience not necessary - Equipment - FREE water, FREE air and FREE mud facials on some trails - All forestry and national park fees

What To Take:
- Protective footwear
- Cool clothing

Sea Kayaking

Explore the beautiful coastline close up on a guided sea kayak tour. A variety of locations are available, from the northern beaches of Cairns, to Fitzroy Island and Cape Tribulation. Due to the protection of the Great Barrier Reef, the sea is usually calm and paddlers of all abilities are accommodated.

- Equipment and guide
- Food

What To Take:
- Protective footwear (that can get wet)
- Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen