Tour Desk

Tour Desk

At the Tropic Days Cairns hostel tour desk we can help you with all your tour bookings, car hire and bus tickets.

If you have any special interest in the area or would like us to advise you on various activities around Cairns, we have got a lot of experience to help you plan your time in Cairns.

By having our Cairns hostel tour desk as your ‘local travel agent’ we will find the best tours to suit you and your budget, and we can keep you informed about any special deals or reduced rates that are available.

We will also be able to organise your backpacker accommodation at Tropic Days Cairns Hostel, around your trips.

We have decades of experience helping backpackers make the most of their time. Why spend your day reading travel blogs and guide books when our tour desk can help you enjoy everything Cairns has to offer?

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Atherton Tablelands

Great Barrier Reef

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