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Great Barrier Reef Trip

Know Your Stuff on Your Great Barrier Reef Trip

With 75% of the world’s coral species, the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see while in Cairns. Many backpackers depart on tours from Cairns to dive or scuba among the rainbow of colors beneath the water. Here are some of the types of Great Barrier Reef coral types you’ll encounter so you can impress your … Continue reading Know Your Stuff on Your Great Barrier Reef Trip

backpackers at the beach

Beaches in Cairns

Although downtown Cairns has some beautiful waterfront areas, the beaches in Cairns city centre aren’t for swimming due to low tides. Don’t worry though--you’re only a short bus ride away from crystal blue waters and sun warmed sand in an area called the Northern Beaches. Read about a few below and check them out with … Continue reading Beaches in Cairns

Cairns Waterfalls

Cairns Waterfalls

There are dozens of beautiful cascading Cairns waterfalls to choose from, whether you’re after lava rock columns, plummeting heights, or smooth infinity pools. Starting from 20 minutes away, these are easy to access and guaranteed to cool you down in the Tropical North Queensland heat. These are a few that are close to Tropic Days … Continue reading Cairns Waterfalls