Cairns Waterfalls

There are dozens of beautiful cascading Cairns waterfalls to choose from, whether you’re after lava rock columns, plummeting heights, or smooth infinity pools. Starting from 20 minutes away, these are easy to access and guaranteed to cool you down in the Tropical North Queensland heat. These are a few that are close to Tropic Days hostel and each offer a unique experience.



Cairns Waterfalls


This is the closest waterfall to downtown Cairns, yet still has a beautiful area to swim. After taking a dip, wander around the rocky walking paths and get away from the city sounds within the lush rainforest.


Getting there from Tropic Days: 20 minutes driving



Cairns Waterfalls

Crystal Cascades is also close by and can be a full day activity. With a series of swimming holes fed by gushing streams of water, enjoy hopping from pool to pool. If you’re looking for more of an adrenaline rush, you can inquire about booking a tour to abseil or zipline part of the gorge.


Getting there from Tropic Days: 25 minutes driving



Cairns Waterfalls

If you’re going to make the effort to visit Millaa Millaa Falls, you might as well do the Waterfall Circuit and see three waterfalls! This 17km loop in the Atherton Tablelands takes you along Theresa Creek Road to visit Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls, and Ellinjaa Falls.



Cairns Waterfalls

Millaa Millaa Falls is the most photographed waterfall in Australia, and has even appeared in a few TV commercials. This iconic fern-swathed waterfall offers a swimming hole, picnic area and toilet facilities.



Cairns Waterfalls


Zillie Falls is just a short walk from the car park and offers a view from the top of the waterfall to the crashing water below. It’s a bit less impressive than Millaa Millaa or Ellinjaa, but for a quick stop along the way, it’s worth seeing.



Cairns Waterfalls


Ellinjaa is extremely picturesque with water spilling over lava columns and a rocky stream at the bottom. There’s an area for swimming and having a picnic. People have even reported seeing platypus and turltes here!


Getting there from Tropic Days: 1 ½ hours driving



Cairns Waterfalls


Barron Falls is the most dramatic of the Cairns waterfalls with water cascading down the steep gorge. However, the amount of water you’ll see varies, as much of the water is also diverted for hydroelectricity. It can be experienced from the Kuranda Scenic Railway, Sky Rail, or by car.


Getting there from Tropic Days: 40 minutes driving



Cairns Waterfalls

Davies Creek Falls is located past Kuranda along a gravel road that is accessible to most vehicles. The best way to experience this waterfall is by camping overnight to enjoy hours of bathing in the infinity pool or just admiring the water flowing over massive granite boulders.


Getting there from Tropic Days: 1 hour driving