Cairns Experience: Passions of Paradise

You’re in Cairns so naturally part of your to-do list includes a day out on the Great Barrier Reef, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced open-water PADI diver or if you just want to bob along the surface of the water, gazing at the colourful marine life below through your snorkel, no stay at Tropic Days or Travellers Oasis is complete without a day out on the reef. With many companies operating out of Cairns heading out on the reef it can be difficult to decide which operator to select. Today we’re going to highlight a guest favourite, Passions of Paradise.

The Great Barrier Reef is a stunning experience regardless of who carries you there, so why choose Passions of Paradise? It’s because they consistently get top marks for the highest levels of service and knowledge of the Reef. They’re also great stewards of this natural resource. They offset their carbon emissions, survey the reef’s health for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, and donate to research and conservation causes. When you go with Passions of Paradise, you know you’re in for a day with the top professionals on the Reef and that you’re doing your small part in protecting this precious resource for future generations.

So if you sign up at our hostel reception for a day out with Passions of Paradise, what can you expect? You’ll start the day first thing in the morning at Reef Terminal in Downtown Cairns. Check-in starts at seven for your eight o’clock departure. Once underway the day begins with morning tea and your first serving of knowledge on the reef.

You’ll sail to the outer reef where Passions of Paradise’s knowledgeable captains will moor at one of twenty-four private sites, selected on the day based on ocean conditions to provide the best experience. Once you’re there, snorkelling is included in your package, or you can upgrade to a certified scuba dive. Not certified to dive but ready to give it a try? Passions of Paradise also offers an introductory dive option.

Once you’re in the water you’re sure to see an abundance of aquatic life, ranging from sea turtles, giant clams, and all sorts of colourful fish that make the Great Barrier Reef their home. Depending on the season you might wear a wet suit or sunsuit while you’re in the water exploring.

After your first session in the water, it’s time for a delicious buffet lunch on board. The tropical lunch features hot and cold dishes and if you’re travelling on a backpacker budget, making meals in our hostel kitchens, the Passions of Paradise lunch might be one of your favourite meals in Cairns. It’s consistently highlighted in guest reviews and the crew is sure to make enough grub to have you coming back for seconds (or even thirds).

Don’t get too full, because after lunch it’s time to head back into the ocean for your second session with the largest living thing on Earth. Once again you have the option to snorkel, scuba dive, or do an introductory dive. You’re bound to see more bountiful marine life and hopefully check some more creatures off your list that you didn’t spot at the first dive spot.

After your second dip into the pristine blue waters, the wet part is over but there’s still plenty of experience left on board. Once you’ve peeled off that wet suit you’ll be treated to afternoon tea and after you’ve warmed your insides, head out on deck to sun yourself in the large netted deck trampoline on the bow of the boat. If you’re eager to learn more about all the creatures you spotted during your time in the water, join the crew’s marine naturalist for a presentation on coral fish and life. This thirty-minute chat is a fun and informative way to add a little background to all the pretty colours you spotted through your mask.

You’ll land back at the Cairns Reef Terminal by five o’clock, tired but satisfied after the perfect day out seeing one of our world’s natural wonders in the care of the expert crew of Passions of Paradise.

Passions of Paradise is a truly local company, which has given countless passengers an unforgettable Great Barrier Reef experience since 1987. If you’re ready to be the next to experience the passion, come see us at reception or send us a message to sort your trip out before you arrive.