5 sites to check out on a Tropic Days bicycle

Your favourite Cairns hostel just got even better! Besides the beautiful facilities, fun atmosphere and events, and friendly approachable staff, Tropic Days now has new bicycles for guests to borrow. Using pedal power there’s more fun and excitement available to our guests than ever before. Here are some great attractions that are perfect for exploring on our new orange bicycles.

Mount Whitfield Conservation Park: 16-minute bike ride, 5.2 km

mt whitfield walking tracks
Mt Whitfield walking tracks

If you’re fit for the challenge, Mount Whitfield Conservation Park is a beautiful place to escape the bustle of Cairns City and enjoy the natural environment of Tropical Far North Queensland. There are two walking tracks in the park. If you’re already knackered from the bicycle ride, take the Red Arrow Trail. This 1-hour, 1.5 km return trail is nice and easy going. If you’re ready for a serious trek, go for the Blue Arrow Trail. This trail is 6 km, very steep, and will take you an estimated 5 hours to complete. While you’re in the park, keep your eyes peeled for swamp wallabies, brush turkeys, and Buff-breasted paradise-kingfishers. For more information on the park check out this brochure.

Centenary Lakes: 14-minute bike ride, 4.2 km

centenary lakes

These freshwater lakes are home to crocodiles. Although you won’t be swimming, there are some pleasant boardwalks that take you through the forest.

Cairns Botanic Gardens: 17-minute bike ride, 5.6 km

Cairns Botanic Gardens
Explore beautiful tropical flora right in Cairns City

The Cairns Botanic Gardens are described as a “tropical paradise.” This is the perfect place to photograph some stunning tropical plants and learn a thing or two. It’s free to enter and open from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily. On weekdays you can take a free guided tour at 10 AM. On Tuesdays at 8:30 AM there’s also a free guided birdwatching tour.

The Big Marlin: 11-minute bike ride, 3.5 km

the big marlin
No trip around Australia is complete without stops at all the big things!

You’ve seen the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. You’ve seen the Big Barrel in Bundaberg. Maybe you’ve even seen the Big Gumboot in Tully. But have you seen the big thing in Cairns? If not, pedal 11 minutes over to the Big Marlin. It ain’t all that special but if you’re travelling around Australia and trying to hit all the big objects our fine country has to offer, be sure to tick this one off the list.

The end of the Esplanade: 15-minute bike ride, 4.6 km

cairns esplanade
The Esplanade is so much more than just the Lagoon

The Esplanade is definitely a must-do while you’re in Cairns. Enjoy it once on foot so you can have a barbecue or swim in the lagoon and then a second time on a bicycle so that you can easily pedal all 2.5 km of its glory.

Hopefully this list has inspired you to check out one of our slick new bikes so you can get out there and explore Cairns. The truth is, there’s heaps to see and do in Cairns no matter when you visit, and when you stay at Tropic Days our bikes are the perfect way to check it all out. Happy Pedaling!